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The health and integrity of your teeth play an important role in your ability to safely swallow food, and speak clearly, and to your overall quality of life. Tooth decay, chipped teeth, dental fractures, and other dental health problems can cause significant discomfort. Left untreated these issues can lead to the loss of one or more teeth.

To help prevent dental health problems and oral dysfunction, the oral care specialists at Sweeney Utterback Dentistry offer a few helpful tips.

Consistent oral hygiene practices are important for maintaining the overall strength of your tooth enamel, as well as the health of your gums. Failing to brush your teeth each morning and night, or forgetting to floss at least once each day can allow cavities to develop on your teeth. Poor oral hygiene can also increase your chances of suffering tooth sensitivity.

There are also several things you can do to reduce your risk of damage to your teeth. When tooth enamel is compromised, it can also place the tooth at increased risk of suffering a severe cavity.

Addressing bad habits, such as chewing on pencils, pens, and other foreign objects will certainly help prevent chipped teeth. You should also not use your teeth for things such as opening packages, cutting string or similar activities.

Grinding your teeth at night on a frequent basis can result in chips on multiple teeth. Fortunately, these problems can often be prevented by having your dentist create a night guard.

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