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Normally, we think of bad foods for teeth rather than bad beverages. Candy bars, bad; drinks, not so much. However, there are several drinks out there that can promote plaque growth and harm your teeth.

Sports/Energy Drinks
Sports drinks are generally thought of as healthy drinks. Though while they are beneficial for athletes, sugar is one of the main ingredients in sport drinks. Sugar feeds plaque bacteria that is harmful to teeth and should be consumed sparingly.
This one is a given because of the sugar content. However, soda also has acids which feed plaque bacteria alongside with the sugar. Plaque growth is damaging because it attacks tooth enamel.
Coffee and Tea
Though these beverages do have health benefits, they also have some disadvantages. Caffeinated coffees and teas can dry out the mouth. These drinks can also stain teeth when drunken frequently.
Alcoholic beverages can dry out the mouth which, in excess, can lead to tooth decay and even gum disease. Additionally, alcohol increases the risk of mouth cancer.

As you can see, there are several beverages that can be harmful to teeth. However, there are some drinks that benefit dental health.

Milk is high in calcium and phosphorus. These two minerals help to protect and rebuild tooth enamel.
Water is great because it cleans teeth by washing away damaging substances. Drink plenty of water daily for a healthy smile.