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Are you aware of the perks that CEREC® technology can offer to improve your smile? Although CEREC is most often associated with the world class dental crowns it can produce, CEREC materials are also selected and used for dental fillings. Regardless of which CEREC service you desire, our team can assist you.

One of the foremost benefits of CEREC crowns is their ability to be designed, milled, installed, and set properly all in the setting of a single day. With standard dental crowns, your tooth impression needs to be sent out to a lab for a dental crown to be designed and manufactured which is then sent back to the dentist office. This process usually takes several weeks and requires the need for temporary crowns in the meantime. CEREC crowns eradicate the wait and the need for temporary crowns.

CEREC technology is also implemented in the design of durable dental fillings. Thanks to their gorgeous design and the materials used, they can be color-matched to closely represent the look of natural teeth. They also feature the added perk of being more durable than composite fillings.

Dr. Bruce Utterback and Pia Sweeney and all of our wonderful team are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Sweeney Utterback Dentistry for CEREC crowns and fillings, please call our dentist office at 757.222.3737. We look forward to making your smile shine!