The temporomandibular joint, TMJ, includes the bones of your jaw and the related muscles. TMJ disorders are any problems that inhibit the jawbone from functioning correctly. Often, someone in need of TMJ treatment will experience a number of symptoms, some of which are very general such as dizziness or a headache. If you experience any of the following symptoms, Dr. Sweeney and Dr. Utterback may treat TMJ in Virginia Beach, Virginia:

  • Jaws that get stuck or that “lock” when opening your mouth
  • Clicking, popping or grinding sounds when opening and closing the mouth. This may or may not be associated with pain.
  • Swelling on the side of your face
  • Limited ability to open the mouth very wide

There are other symptoms of TMJ Disorder that could be plaguing you. We may provide you with muscle relaxants to relieve jaw joint tension. We may also supply you with a night guard to protect your teeth and jaw from the effects of teeth grinding, one of the leading causes of TMJ.

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