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If your smile is faltering because it’s not as healthy as you would like it to be, there is hope. Along with stepping up your daily oral routine–brushing and flossing–go a long way to keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. Our recommendation in between professional dental cleanings is brushing at least twice each day, and flossing at least once a day (preferably at bedtime) to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. You need to clear harmful bacterial plaque and trapped food particles between teeth and along the gumline every day to avoid the accumulation of tartar (hardened plaque), which can lead to disease if unchecked.

This daily attention to your oral care complements your six-month dental cleanings. These dental cleanings (and checkups) evaluate the state of your mouth, take preventative measures, and treat conditions that arise before they become invasive and costly. Not only do we remove tartar, or calculus off your pearly whites, but we polish them, and also take care of the following:

  • We may take X-rays as needed.
  • We make sure the bite is what it should be.
  • We look for signs of tooth decay, chips, or cracks and make sure there are no loose teeth.
  • We ensure your fillings are in good shape and check on any dental appliances you wear.
  • We look at all oral tissue and check the tongue for abnormalities.
  • We look for signs of gum disease such as gum recession.

To restore your beautiful smile, we invite you to schedule a visit with Dr. Pia Sweeney or Dr. Bruce Utterback by calling our Sweeney Utterback Dentistry team in Virginia Beach, Virginia at 757.222.3737 today!