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As you age, each passing day is another chance that a risk can occur to damage your smile. However, it is also another day to improve your smile and work on your oral health care. With a healthy routine, your teeth can safely last a lifetime. Listed below are oral health care tips to keep your smile safe:

– It is possible for your teeth to wear down over time, and as a result, not hold up the same to tough and hard foods. When biting into hard foods, always assume it can crack or chip your teeth, and bite gently. Otherwise, an oral accident including chips and cracks may occur.

– It is possible that your mouth can become severely damaged when used as a bottle or can opener, so avoid this habit whenever applicable.

– Chewing on objects like pen caps or biting your nails run the risk of doing microscopic damage, or even visible damage, to your tooth enamel and gums.

– If you insist on wearing mouth jewelry, make sure to choose a safe material to use that won’t easily snag or crack your teeth.

– Although safety gear can often look tacky and could be slightly uncomfortable, you should always wear any safety gear if a situation or activity requires it. This includes riding motorcycles and playing in contact sports.

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