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If you are one who loves to brush their teeth while at the office, good for you! Our Sweeney Utterback Dentistry team is happy to hear that. The more you brush your teeth, the more you will be able to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. To help you properly care for and clean for your smile at work, we happily provide the following tips:

· Keep a toothbrush handy at your desk. Make sure it’s a soft-bristled toothbrush and try to brush as often as possible with fluoride toothpaste. We also recommend keeping floss at your desk as well. That way you can frequently clean the hard-to-reach areas of your smile that your toothbrush could not clean.

· If possible, make it a priority to brush your teeth after you have eaten lunch. This will help you maintain a pristine and clean smile and it will also help you remain worry free about having food stuck in your teeth or having bad breath.

· After you use your brush, dry the bristles off and keep it in a sanitary travel container. This will help keep the office bacteria away.

· Replace your toothbrush more often than you replace your home toothbrush. It’s best to do so because the office tends to have more bacteria and germs that can reside on your toothbrush.

Call our office today if you are interested in knowing more or if you have questions! Dr. Bruce Utterback and Pia Sweeney and our helpful dental team are here to assist you in any way we can. We want you to have the best and healthiest smile possible, and we know it’s tough to achieve those goals if you have questions. So, please feel free to call 757.222.3737 at any time if you need additional help!