Toothbrush Care

In order for your toothbrush to take care of you, you need to take care of your toothbrush! Here are some tips to remember as you take care of your brush. Your toothbrush needs to be replaced every 3-4 months–sooner if it appears frayed or worn. When you replace your toothbrush, make sure to get… Read more »

A Knocked Out Tooth Might need to Be Replaced with a Dental Bridge

If you forgo using a mouthguard while playing in a vigorous sport, you are at significant risk of suffering dental trauma. Sometimes a blow to the face can carry enough force to knock one of your teeth out of its socket. When this happens timely first-aid is of critical importance. You can rinse any blood… Read more »

Teeth and Gums 101: CEREC® Crowns and Fillings

Are you aware of the perks that CEREC® technology can offer to improve your smile? Although CEREC is most often associated with the world class dental crowns it can produce, CEREC materials are also selected and used for dental fillings. Regardless of which CEREC service you desire, our team can assist you. One of the… Read more »

Keeping Your Smile Bright as You Age

Did you know that your teeth can last for an entire lifetime in excellent condition if you are willing to take the steps to keep them clean and strong? The opportunities to keep your smile bright as you age have never been greater. For more information about aging and dental health, consider the following: –… Read more »

Oral Health Care Tips to Keep Your Smile Safe

As you age, each passing day is another chance that a risk can occur to damage your smile. However, it is also another day to improve your smile and work on your oral health care. With a healthy routine, your teeth can safely last a lifetime. Listed below are oral health care tips to keep… Read more »

Save Your Summer Smile from the Effects of Dental Erosion

Save your summer smile from the effects of dental erosion. Dental erosion is a known disorder that leads to many different varieties of problems for your teeth, and can eventually cause tooth loss. Dental erosion is most commonly caused by harmful acids in your mouth that seek to eat away at your tooth enamel. To… Read more »

Top 6 Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Smile

The foods you eat can have a major impact on your teeth and your oral health. Here are some foods to avoid or reduce for a mouth health. Ice is designed for cooling off drinks, not for chewing! Crunching ice can leave teeth vulnerable to dental emergencies like chipped or cracked teeth and damaged enamel…. Read more »

Have You Damaged Your TMJs?

Have you damaged your TMJs? Your TMJs, also called your temporomandibular joints, are joints in your jaw that play an important role in your mouth’s ability to open and close. Some signs that they may be damaged include irregular popping noises from your jaw, the inability to have full movement when opening and closing your… Read more »

Waterpiks: What You Should Know

Have you heard that flossing and brushing are important steps you should take if you want to keep your teeth strong and healthy?  Would you be interested in learning that there are other things you could do to remove bacteria and plaque from between your pearly whites? For instance, you may be able to floss… Read more »

Why Is Flossing So Important?

Bad breath can be extremely annoying and socially embarrassing, which is why many people choose to fight bad breath as much as possible. If you are one of these people, then our dental team is more than happy to help you! We have some helpful tips and information that can help you achieve the pristine… Read more »